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Your Gift to the National Soccer Hall of Fame Brings the Sport's History to Life — and Strengthens Its Future.

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Honor the Past, Build for Tomorrow

The National Soccer Hall of Fame bridges American soccer's past, present and its future. Home to all four FIFA Women's World Cup Trophies won by the U.S. National Team, the NSHOF also features interactive technology that makes it the most personalized experience in sports.

When you donate, you are helping this unique celebration of the game to grow, innovate and evolve for generations to come.

The NSHOF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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How Your Gift Honors the Beautiful Game

When you give to the NSHOF, you become a part of the American soccer family. Your donation supports our efforts to honor its glorious past and inspire its amazing growth through educational programming, the preservation of rare artifacts and special ceremonies and events that honor the sport's legends.

  • Hands-on Learning

    The NSHOF hosts field trips, camps and school events, including STEAM FC presented by NEC.

  • Special Ceremonies and Events

    From special events to the annual induction ceremony, the NSHOF is the home of soccer royalty.

  • Artifact Preservation

    The NSHOF applies resources and expertise to restoring the relics of American soccer. 

Other Ways to Give

It's easy to make a one-time donation or set up monthly giving to the NSHOF, but there are other ways to show your support:

  • Planned Giving: Leave a legacy by remembering the NSHOF in your will, making a difference that reaches the next generation of fans.
  • Matching Gifts: Ask your employer if it matches donations made by employees to double your donation.
  • Corporate Partnerships: Start a relationship with the NSHOF and offer unique opportunities to your employees.

To discuss any of the above — or kick around some other ideas — email or call (469) 365-0043.

Your Impact in Action

See how far your National Soccer Hall of Fame contribution can go.

Supporting STEAM Education at the Hall of Fame

In 2019, The National Soccer Hall of Fame played host to more than 5,000 local students in an effort to educate young minds on physics, stamina and soccer skills. For those field trips, the Hall of Fame transformed into a STEAM lab where students, teachers and parents engaged in different activities under the guidance of NSHOF staff. With your $100 donation, you can directly contribute to shaping the minds of future generations.

Collecting and Preserving American Soccer History

Did you know that the National Soccer Hall of Fame is the current home for most U.S. National Team awards, including all four FIFA Women's World Cup trophies? That's right! NSHOF staff is consistently harvesting sports history as well as taking steps to preserve the treasures for future generations to see. Help us keep up with the required maintenance by making a contribution of $300. Your gift will go a long way! 

Preserve Their Legacy with a Podcast

A National Soccer Hall of Fame members contribution often comes by way of a game-worn pair of cleats, an Olympic medal or even a set of goalkeeper gloves. Each of these items has unique stories from the original owners, and the National Soccer Hall of Fame wants to capture those memories for future generations to experience. With your donation of $450, the Hall of Fame can arrange for interviews of current Hall of Fame members and record stories directly from the source. 

We're Here to Help

If you have any questions about the impact, tax deductions and other ways to give, please reach out to our development team at or by calling us at (469) 365-0043.