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Josh McKinney
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Josh McKinney

2024 Inductee




U.S. Para National Team (124 caps)

Josh McKinney's journey through soccer is nothing short of inspiring. Born with cerebral palsy, his early introduction to the sport by his mother, Nancy, became a transformative force in his life. Soccer served as both therapy and passion for McKinney, strengthening his body and spirit as he navigated challenges.

His rise in the soccer world was meteoric. McKinney's prowess as a midfielder not only propelled him to the U.S. Para National Team but also established him as one of the world's top Cerebral Palsy (CP) players. With 81 goals in 124 appearances for the U.S., he showcased his talent on the global stage, competing in three Paralympic Games and earning accolades including a silver medal at the 2010 Copa America in Buenos Aires.

McKinney's groundbreaking achievements extend beyond the field. In 2024, he made history as the first member of the U.S. Extended National Teams to be elected to the National Soccer Hall of Fame. His induction is a testament to his remarkable contributions and enduring impact on American soccer.

A natural leader, McKinney's influence transcended statistics. His role as a vocal captain and respected figure within the U.S. Men’s CP National Team underscored his dedication to the sport and his country. McKinney's unwavering commitment to representing the United States with pride and distinction earned him admiration from teammates, coaches, and fans alike.

Off the field, McKinney's dedication to soccer's growth and accessibility is equally remarkable. From conducting clinics for youths with disabilities to spearheading soccer programs for the North Carolina Football Club, his commitment to giving back to the game knows no bounds. McKinney's legacy is not just one of athletic achievement but also of service, compassion, and inclusivity.

As Josh McKinney takes his rightful place in the National Soccer Hall of Fame, his remarkable journey serves as a source of inspiration for generations to come. His passion, resilience, and unwavering determination epitomize the essence of the beautiful game and affirm its power to transform lives.

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